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Why does russian woman would like to move to another country

More than 9 million expats live in Germany, out of which over a million are from Russia; and at least half of them are women. The following are the most common and perfectly good reasons for why Russian women tend to move to live abroad.

1. More Career Opportunities People living and growing up in the same country, with the same educational system. They tend to develop strong skills in the same areas, some of which other countries might not be strong in.

Moving abroad, therefore, offers a lot of job opportunities with little competition. For example, being a Russian native speaker with a degree in Russian language moves you much further up the candidate list for teacher, translator and lecturer positions. Additionally, the German economy is the fastest-growing in Europe (in 2017 it grew by 1.9%), meaning more jobs in general. But you can also emigrate to start a completely different career that just has more opportunities abroad than in Russia.

Germany has low unemployment rates, since there are so many apprenticeship-level jobs available. It also offers higher pay and fewer working hours (compared to other countries with high immigration, like US and UK). Even if you get laid-off, you are entitled to a pay of one month’s salary multiplied by the number of years you worked for the company. You also get at least 30 days of holidays a year, a 100% paid maternity leave of 14 weeks, and paternity rights as well.

2. Better Life Quality Another common reason why Russians move abroad is seeking a better quality and more interesting lifestyle.

Germany is a leading country in this category too. Berlin is, in fact, one of the most affordable cities to live in. Then there is the cultural aspect to explore, from food to arts to surrounding little villages and historical sites. Because of the well-developed public transport system and the central location in Europe, it’s easy to travel within Germany as well as outside it, with affordable prices whichever direction you choose. The German healthcare system is one of the best. It is not illegal to not have health insurance, whether you’re employed or not but better you have one. The weather in Germany is around 15 warmer in December than it is in Russia. There’s a wide variety of clubs for every hobby, no matter how weird it may be. Finally, Germany also offers better retirement services.

3. Higher Education Having recently freed higher education of all tuition fees, including for non-EU and international students, Germany has become especially attractive to young people from other countries.

The country has several universities with high ratings. There is e.g. the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, which is in the top 100 universities in the world rankings. Some Russians might also take up summer internships in Germany, which eventually might lead to a full-time job, or they might choose to stay in Germany because of the German lifestyle.

4. Boredom A lot of expats, especially the younger ones, choose to emigrate simply out of boredom.

And it’s not that different with Russians. With its affordable lifestyle and a culture with a long history, Germany is a great place to emigrate to gain new experiences. Larger cities have a greater range of entertainment, while smaller towns offer a truly German experience. A lot of people also move to other countries for the sole purpose of learning a new language through practice rather than books. Most importantly, Germany is one of the safest countries for single women due to its vigilant, yet approachable, police force, and its people who are very welcoming to expats.

5. To Improve Their Relationships Sometimes people leave their native countries to escape the ghosts of painful past relationships, and sometimes to remedy such relationships with their families.

It’s hard to believe, but distance often brings people closer than it pulls them apart. A lot of people also move away to find more positive and more like-minded people to surround themselves with. Or they move because their families, siblings and friends are already living there, and they want to be closer to them.

6. For Love Everybody has seen at least one romantic movie about happy international relationships. Everybody knows that German men are some of the most attractive in the world.

Most Russian women dream about the perfect husband, and some of them are smart enough to look for him abroad. With so many romantic destinations, with the mountain views, rivers and castles, there’s a lot of romance to be shared.

Russian Woman – A German Man’s Dream Come True

It’s almost impossible to find anyone out there in the world who hasn’t heard about the many charms and qualities of Russian women. Even more complicated will be finding a man who hasn’t, at some point, fantasized about having one of these wonderful ladies as a life companion. German gentlemen in particular, seem to be drawn to such women, since they have all the traits of a perfect wife for them. How can this be?


Beauty Beyond Belief

All women have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to physical appearance. While Western girls can be very attractive, they seldom come close to competing with Russian women, who are beautiful beyond comparison. And it’s not just the fact that they are naturally stunning – Russian ladies actually care immensely about their looks, and invest a lot of time and money into looking the best they can.

You’ll never see these women leave the house without make-up and a perfect outfit, flawless from head to toe. Western women don’t care for their looks quite as much, and it’s very common to see them in slouchy assembles. For German men, having a gorgeous creature on their arm and when they come home from a long day of work is very important, and this is one of the reasons they prefer a Russian woman.

Family and Home Are A Priority

Russian women take family very seriously. Marriage and children will always be top priorities for them. And once they become wives, they will love and care for their husbands with devotion and reverence. Ladies born in Russia are raised to respect and uphold the traditional roles of marriage, so they are certain to dedicate their lives to turning houses into homes, cleaning and decorating with intense zeal, ensuring their husbands live the happiest and calmest of lives.

Where kids are concerned, Russian women also shine. Besides being dutiful, modest and respectful wives, they will be the best mothers anyone could hope for, raising and educating their children fiercely and lovingly. For all hard-working men out there, as is the case in Germany, having a woman that will care for them, their children, and their home with a friendly and grateful attitude is nothing short of a dream come true.

They’ll Conquer Heart And Stomach Alike

Precisely because Russian ladies are raised to believe in and respect tradition, they know that part of a loving union, a well managed household, and a happy partner is mastering their kitchen skills. In fact, there are close to no women in the world who can cook the way Russian women can, mostly because girls from other countries and cultures no longer care about learning how to properly cook delicious, filling meals.

This is yet another department where Russian women have the upper-hand – every day, their significant others will be sure to wake up to a monumental breakfast worthy of a king, and come home to a delightful three course meal (at least) that will make love travel all the way to both the stomach and heart. It’s no longer common to find beautiful ladies who will take the time to diligently cook up wonderful dishes for their partners, much less in the Western world. Again, it’s no wonder German men will very likely prefer a Russian companion.

It’s A Ride Or Die Kind Of Deal

One of the best and hardest to deny traits of Russian women is their loyalty. Once they choose their partner, they will stand by them no matter what, because they don’t see marriage and relationships as something to be joked about or toyed with. A Russian girl will be the most faithful, devoted companion one could wish for, and stick by their partner’s side no matter what.

For them, truly honest and successful relationships find their foundation in friendship and support – they would be incapable of leaving their husband or boyfriend in times of hardship, instead always choosing to remain with them, regardless of what that might mean. Any man who is lucky enough to find himself in a relationship with a Russian woman will find out what commitment truly feels like.

The Perfect Combination Of Smart And Funny

Russian women truly are the complete package. Smart and educated men, such as Germans, aren’t looking for just a pretty face and decent partner. They want interesting and engaging conversations, as well as to be with someone who makes life fun and lively. While Western women may have seen more of the world, Russian girls bring more to the table.

Along with all their other amazing qualities, they are some of the smartest women out there, who speak one of the hardest languages in the world, and yet will easily learn any other form of conversation they need to engage with their partners. Besides, they are knowledgeable and more than capable to carry on amusing and deep dialogs. To top it all off, Russian women are some of the friendliest one could ever meet, without incurring in the crazy partying lifestyle common to other nationalities. Indeed, the perfect combination!

Happiness Is Guaranteed

It’s impossible to sum up all of the outstanding qualities of Russian women and not believe that happiness by their side is a certainty. What more could a hard-working, intelligent, agreeable German gentleman hope for than a beautiful, devoted, fun and smart companion, who will dedicate her life to ensure all his needs are met, his children are raised lovingly, his house kept clean and beautiful, and his appetite satisfied?

Dating and marrying a Russian woman is a one-way ticket to endless happiness and a life paved with support, love, kindness and absolute reverence. Western women are a good distraction, but when it comes to the perfect life partner, who will stand by their companion’s side no matter what, making sure she and everything around her look her best, and turn her husband’s joy into her life’s ultimate mission, there’s no one who will do it better than a Russian woman.

After all, it’s no wonder men, and especially German men, feel so attracted to Russian ladies. When all is said and done, and it’s time to choose the ideal woman to share their lives with, Russian women are, without question, the ultimate choice.